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The examples in this section are from the ALE (Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian Method) class of M'hamed Souli. M'hamed Souli is Professor at the University in Lille France. The author is a key developer for the powerful capabilities of the Eulerian Methods in LS-DYNA. The examples run with LS-DYNA 970 and upwards.

How to define Eulerian formulation with advection, and different order advection is comparison.  …more

Two small idealized bird strike model. One is in Lagrangian and the other one is in Eulerian.  …more

Viscous fluid modeling  …more

A plane strain model of a high explosive detonation in water is investigated with different meshes and the ALE method.  …more

A bar impacts a water surface. The coupling of this model is simulated in different quadrature points.  …more

Models utilizing the ALE method  …more

Lagrangian and Eulerian sloshing models  …more

A quarter model of a Taylor bar impacting a rigid wall. This model is analyzed in different ALE methods.  …more