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Latest Examples

Find the latest input files uploaded to LS-DYNA Examples.

June 2022: DUAL-CESE

May 2022: CESE

February 2022: ICFD advanced

April 2021: ICFD advanced

December 2020: EM Eddy Currents Tutorial

September 2020: ICFD intermediate

July 2020: ICFD advanced

June 2020: Thermal Expansion

April 2020: ALE

November 2019: Thermal

October 2019: EM Tutorial Update

June 2019: Showcase Contact

September 2018: NVH / Frequency Domain

August 2018: Introductory Examples

July 2018: Showcase Connections

April 2018: SPH

February 2018: ICFD

January 2018: ICFD

December 2017: ICFD

November 2017: Electromagnetism

June 2017: Examples