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Incompressible Computational Fluid Dynamics (ICFD) focuses on the solution of CFD problems, where the incompressibility constraint may be applied, e. g. ground vehicle, aerodynamics, hemodynamics, free-surface problems, ship hydrodynamics, etc. The solver may run as a stand-alone CFD solver, where only fluid dynamics effects are studied, or it can be coupled to the solid mechanics solver to study loosely or strongly coupled fluid-structure interaction (FSI) problems.

This folder contains some simple tutorial examples in order to gain a first basic understanding of the ICFD and MESH keywords. Each input deck usually focuses on one or two particular aspects or keywords of the solver. Some simple validation problems are also shown. These examples often use coarse meshes and the runtimes are short making them perfect candidates for exploring, testing and gaining experience before moving on to more complex configurations.  …more

This folder contains some intermediate level examples. The keyword configurations are not necessarily more complex than the basic examples but often, the geometry, mesh or physics involved are. This usually results in longer run times and requires access to higher computational resources (switching to MPP becomes highly recommended). A prerequisite knowledge of the ICFD solver basics is recommended.  …more

This folder contains challenging examples that often involve mutliphysics (coupling with other LS-DYNA solvers) or complex CFD (turbulent problems, high boundary layer mesh resolution). Many of those examples are representative of industrial problems or show some state of the art validation problems. Access to heavy computational resources and good knowledge of the ICFD solver and LS-DYNA is required before tackling those problems.  …more

This folder contains problems of various complexity levels that show some capabilities that have not yet made it to an official release version. In order to run those problems, a specific beta version is often required. Such versions can be obtained through local LS-DYNA distributors. Users are encouraged to give feedback on those beta features and report errors for continuous improvement.  …more