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LS-DYNA Support Site

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LS-OPT Support Site

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Dummy models for LS-DYNA


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Show Cases

This folder contains several LS-DYNA examples focusing on specific load cases or keywords.

Example showing the use of a contact interference definition to depenetrate and pre stress a solid ring initially penetrating a rigid shell cylinder.  …more

Example showing a drop test load case. A deformable body is dropped on a rigid wall.  …more

Example showing the use of a screw joint definition between rigid bodies. This option can be used to transfer a rotational into a translational motion.  …more

Example showing the use of a revolute and a translation joint definition between two rigid bodys. This option can be used to constrain the motion of rigid bodys.  …more

Example showing the use of dynamic relaxation to preload a system with a force.  …more