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Projectile Penetrates Plate

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Example: Projectile Penetrates Plate

Filename: contact.projectile.k

A projectile strikes a plate at a critical angle.

The hemispherical projectile has a length of 7.67 cm and a diameter of
0.767 cm. The plate measures 23.01 cm * 23 cm * 0.64 cm. The projectile and
the plate are elastic perfectly plastic with failure strain. The initial
velocity of the projectile is 0.129 cm/ microsecond at an angle of 75 degrees.
The calculation terminates at 110.0 usec.

The initial velocity (magnitude and direction) of the projectile is set using
*INITIAL_VELOCITY_GENERATION. Eroding contact between the projectile surface
and plate surface is defined so that the contact erodes as the element erodes
(*CONTACT_ERODING_SURFACE_TO_SURFACE). This allows the contact to work
correctly as layers of the parts erode during penetration.

The projectile fractures into a tip and trailing portion. The trailing portion
punches a hole through the plate while the tip deflects off the plate.