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A brief description of the example.
Example: Discrete Nodes Tied to a Surface

Filename: contact.tied_nodes.box.k

A shell element drops onto and then rebounds from, a hollow box that is tied
to an elastic plate.

The plate measures 40 * 40 * 1 mm3 and contains 16 Belytschko-Tsay shell
elements. The dropped shell element has a side length of 10 mm, a thickness
of 2 mm and a drop height of 10 mm. The box contains 12 Belytschko-Tsay shell
elements. All shell element materials are elastic. The initial velocity of the
shell elements is 100,000 mm/second. The calculation terminates at
0.002 seconds.

The nodes of the dropped shell are given an initial velocity
(*INITIAL_VELOCITY). The nodes on the bottom of the box, those facing the plate,
are tied to the plate (*CONTACT_TIED_NODES_TO_SURFACE). Automatic single
surface contact is used to define the contact between the dropped shell and
the box.

Schweizerhof, K. and Weimar, K.