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A brief description of the example.
Deep Drawing with Adaptivity

Additional Sections:

Example: Deep Drawing with Adaptivity

Filename: control_adaptive.cup-draw.k


This problem includes three tools a punch, a binder and a die and also includes
a blank to be formed. The blank is deep drawn by the punch while the binder
and die hold the blank edges and help prevent wrinkling. During the process,
adaptivity is employed to refine the mesh of the blank to improve accuracy.

Only 1/4 of the system is modeled because of symmetry. The binder pushes down
on the blank against the die using a * LOAD_RIGID command to model the boundary
edge condition. The punch is moved down onto the blank with a
*BOUNDARY_PRESCRIBED_MOTION_RIGID command. Global damping and contact damping
are defined to prevent local nodal vibrations. The time-step size is controlled
with mass scaling because inertial effects are insignificant in this problem.
One way surface to surface contact is defined between the major parts.
This allows the drawing (i.e., contact) forces to be monitored using the
rcforc ascii output file.

During the drawing operation, the mesh is refined considerably.