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A brief description of the example.
Cylinder Undergoing Deformation with Adaptivity

Additional Sections:

Example: Cylinder Undergoing Deformation with Adaptivity
Filename: control_adaptive.cylinder.k

Several nodes on a cylinder are given initial velocities towards the center of
the cylinder causing the cylinder to indent. To improve accuracy, adaptivity is
defined so that the mesh of the cylinder is re-fined during the deformation.

Only 1/4 of the system is modeled becaus e of symmetry. The boundary conditions
on the cylinder are defined with single point constraints (SPC's). Because of
the geometry orientation, several of the SPC's require local coordinate system
defined using the keyword *DEFINE_COORDINATE_VECTOR.

Before and after mesh refinement are shown in the figures. Additionally, the
total, kinetic and internal energy from the glstat ascii file are shown.
The entire initial kinetic energy is absorbed by the cylinder due to material
deformation (internal energy).