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A brief description of the example.
Hemispherical Punch

Additional Sections:

Example: Hemispherical Punch

Filename: control_contact.hemi-draw.k

This problem includes three tools a punch, a pressure pad, a die and a
workpiece. A workpiece is deep drawn by the hemispherical punch while the
pressure pad and die prevents wrinkling. The load on the pressure pad is ramped,
then the punch displaces in the y direction.

The workpiece measures 80 mm in radius and 1 mm in thickness. The punch radius
is 50.0 mm and the die torus radius is 6.35 mm. The workpiece contains 528
Belytschko Tsay shell elements with 5 integration points through the thickness.
The tools are rigid members. Only 1/4 of the system is modeled because of

The number of integration points is 5 for the workpiece.(*SECTION_SHELL) This
model contains two options to consider shell thickness. The first option is
the contact surfaces are projected to the true surface of shell
(*CONTRO L_CONTACT). The second option is membrane straining results in
thickness changes (*CONTROL_CONTACT). The motion of the punch follows a sine
function represented by load curve number 2 (Section 22).

Honecker, A. and Mattiason, K.