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A brief description of the example.
Cantilever Beam

Additional Sections:

Example: Cantilever Beam

Filename: control_damping.beam.k

A cantilever beam is subjected to a load at the free end. The beam then
vibrates relative to the equilibrium position without damping in case 1 and
with damping in case 2.

The beam me asures 1000 * 100 * 10 mm3 and is modeled by 10 Belytschko-Tsay
shell elements. A force of 100 N is applied in the z -direction at the free end.
The calculation ends at 0.5 seconds.

Input for the undamped system:
The force at the free end is applied as two point forces. The size of these
forces is controlled by load curve d efinition number 1 (*DEF INE_CURVE,
* LOAD_NODE_SET). The ASCII-files contain information for section forc data,
nodal information, and shell element information. Data from ASCII-files can be
processed in phase 3 of LS-TAURUS.

Input for the damped system:
The same input as in the undamped cas e except for a global damping constant

Schweizerhof, K. and Weimar, K.