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A brief description of the example.
Rotating Elements

Additional Sections:

Example: Rotating Elements

Filename: load_body.shell.k

A body has constant angular velocity. The radial vibration introduced due to
the rapid deployment of the rotation is damped out in the initialization phase
using dynamic relaxation.

The body measures 200 * 100 * 10 mm 3. The body consists of 2 Belytschko-Tsay
elastic shell elements. The body rotates about the y-axis at 62.83 radians per
second. The analysis ends at 0.1 seconds.

All nodes have an initial translational velocity based on the angular velocity
v=omega x r. (*INITIAL_VELOCITY_NODE). Dynamic relaxation damps oscillations
in the radial direction during the initialization (*LOAD_BODY_GENERALIZED,
*DEFINE_CURVE). This essentially pre-stresses the structure and the load
continues into the analysis portion. Because of the condition of constant
angular velocity of the two nodes on the axis of rotation, the motion remains
uniform throughout the calculation (*BOUNDARY_PRESCRIBED_MOTION_NODE).
The section forces are available in the ASCII database file secforc

Schweizerhof, K. and Weimar, K.