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Tire Under Gravity Loading Bounces on a Rigid Wall
LS-DYNA Manual Section: *LOAD_BODY_Z

Additional Sections:
*RIGIDWALL_PLANAR Example: Tire Under Gravity Loading Bounces on a Rigid Wall

Filename: load_body.gravity.k

A simple model of a tire is placed under gravity loaded and bounces on a rigid

A positive gravity constant of 0.00981 mm/ms 2 is used to make the tire drop in
the negative z-direction. A *RIGIDWALL_PLANAR keyword is used to define the
ground. Nodes on the bottom of the tire are prevented from penetrating the
rigid wall by specifying them within the *RIGIDWALL_PLANAR command
(using a *SET_NODE_COLUMN keyword).

The rigid wall forces oscillate about the steady state, which is the weight of
the tire (W = 0.26 kN). Curiously, the tire damps out even though no damping is
specified within the model. See the example in *DAMPING_GLOBAL for an
explanation and fix.