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A brief description of the example.
An Interface File Controls the Response of a Cube

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Example: An Interface File Controls the Response of a Cube

Filenames: interface_component.cube.kinterface_component.cube.rk

Execution Line:
LS940 i=interface_component.cube.k z=d3iff

After completion, copy d3iff to a sep arate directory containing
interface_component.cube.rk, then from that directory run:
LS940 i=interface_component.cube.rk l=d3iff

A cube, one solid element, strikes and rebounds from an elastic plate. In the
first run, an interface file (d3iff) is created that contains the position of
the bottom segment of the cube. In the second run, the cube mesh refinement
increases from 1 element to 8 el ements. The interface file is then used to
control the position of the bottom of the new cube as if it underwent the same
impact as the cube in run one.

The material of the cube and the plate are elastic. The plate, that measures
40 * 40 * 2 mm3, is modeled with 16 Belytschko-Tsay shell elements . The cube
has a side length of 10 mm and is initially positioned 10 mm above the plate.
The cube is given an initial velocity towards the plate.

Schweizerhof, K. and Weimar, K.