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Symmetric Crush Tube

Additional Sections:

Example: Symmetric Crush Tube

Filename: rigidwall_planar.symtube.k

A tube is crushed using a planar, moving rigid wall.

Because of symmetry ,only 1/4 of the system is modeled. Automatic single
surface contact is defined to prevent penetrations as the tube folds on itself.
The bottom nodes of the tube are fixed using SPC's. The top of the tube is hit
by a rigidwall that is defined with a mass of 800 kg and an initial velocity
of 8.94 mm/ms in the negative z-direction. The friction coefficient on the wall
is 1.0, this means that the nodes are prevented from sliding along the plane
of the wall. An extra node is defined and associated with the rigid wall so
that the walls velocity and displacement can be tracked in the ascii output
file nodout (node id 99999).

The tubes crush and the wall forces from the ascii output file rwforc are shown.
The force deflection of the crush tube can be obtained by using the force data
from rwforc and the displacement data from nodout.