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A brief description of the example.
Rotating Shell Strikes Rigid Wall

Additional Sections:

Example: Rotating Shell Strikes Rigid Wall

Filename: rigidwall_planar.shell.k

A rotating shell element strikes and rebounds from a rigid wall surface.
The plate is modeled with shell elements for viewing in LS-TAURUS.
This does not affect the calculation.

The shell element has an elastic material model with Belytschko-Tsay shell
formulation. The plate measures 10 * 10 * 2 mm3. The plate has an initial
velocity of 100,000 mm/second in negative z-direction and an initial angular
velocity of 100,000 radians/second about the y-axis. The rigid surface is
modeled by an infinite smooth stonewall surface.

Nodes requiring initial velocity are specified with * INITIAL_VELOCITY_NODE.
The location of the "Stonewall" is in the x-y plane with z= 0
(*RIGIDWALL_PLANAR). The 4 nodes belonging to the shell element are slave nodes
in the stonewall definition. The velocity components of the slave nodes in the
normal direction to the stonewall are reset to zero at the moment of impact.

Schweizerhof, K. and Weimar, K.