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A brief description of the example.
 Cantilever Beam with Lobatto Integration

Additional Sections:

Example: Cantilever Beam with Lobatto Integration

Filename: integration_shell.lobotto.beam.k

A cantilever beam has a concentrated load, and then the beam vibration
critically damps. Lobatto integration rules place the quadrature points on
the true surfaces of the shell. [ See Hughes].

The plate measures 1.00 * 0.10 * 0.01 in 3 and is modeled with 60
Belytschko-Tsay shell elements. The displacement of the nodes is fixed at one
end and a concentrated load is applied to the other end. Symmetry conditions
for the plane strain case exist on the beam sides.

The concentrated loads and load curve definition 1 defines the load on the
end of the beam (*LOAD_NODE_POINT, *DEFINE_CURVE). The beam is critically
damped (*DAMPING_GLOBAL) The number of integration points is 5
(*SECT ION_SHELL). The shell integration rule is the Lobatto integration rule

The displacement of the beam damps out critically. The x-stress values at the
integration points exhibit tension on one side, compression on the opposite
side, and balance at the neutral axis.