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In this test case, a slab of explosive in a stick form is confined by an inert material before detonating. The non-dimensional computational domain is taken to be (x, y) [0, 20] × [−6, 0] and the unreacted explosive initially takes up the region (x, y) [4, 20] × [−2, 0]. The explosive is initiated by a booster of the same material, placed at (x, y) [2, 4] × [−2, 0], and the entire stick is confined by a simple confiner material taking up the remainder of the domain ((x, y) ([0, 20]×[−6, 0])\ ([2, 20] × [−2, 0])). The simulation is cylindrically symmetric, with the centerline of the rate stick acting as axis of symmetry. This example comes from reference [1] and  tests one of the multiphase flow solvers with hybrid formulation. 


[1] L.Michael, N.Nikiforakis,  A hybrid formulation for the numerical simulation of condensed phase explosives, J. Comp. Phys. 316 (2016) 193-217.