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TEAM (Testing Electromagnetic Analysis Methods) represents an open international working group aiming to compare electromagnetic analysis computer codes. TEAM Workshops are meetings of this group. A series of TEAM Workshops was started in 1986 and has been organized in two-year rounds, each comprising a series of ”Regional” workshops and a ”Final” Workshop, as a satellite event of the COMPUMAG Conference. The TEAM problems consist in a list of test-problems, with precisely defined dimensions, constitutive laws of materials, excitations, etc., and each backed by a real laboratory device, on which measurements can be made.

The TEAM 13 problem is a non linear permeability case where an exciting coil with D.C current is set between two steel channels  not aligned with each other  and a steel plate inserted between the channels. The applied current is enough to reach steel saturation. This case is an important milestone in the validation of LS-DYNA's FEM/BEM monolithic solver for Eddy currents.

The two download links show the two ways the problem can be tackled. Either the results are made time dependent by considering the conductivity of the plate (Eddy current diffusion) or a magnetostatic problem is solved in which case, the first timestep will be the costliest and directly give the saturated solution. For this problem, since the behavior of the magnetic fields is largely driven by the non-linear permeability properties of the steel plates, results should be almost identical between the two configurations.

Reference results can be found in [1].

[1] T. Nakata and K. Fujiwara. Summary of results for benchmark
problem 13 (3-d nonlinear magnetostatic model). COMPEL-The international journal for computation and mathematics in electrical and electronic engineering, 11(3):345–369, 1992.