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TEAM (Testing Electromagnetic Analysis Methods) represents an open international working group aiming to compare electromagnetic analysis computer codes. TEAM Workshops are meetings of this group. A series of TEAM Workshops was started in 1986 and has been organized in two-year rounds, each comprising a series of ”Regional” workshops and a ”Final” Workshop, as a satellite event of the COMPUMAG Conference. The TEAM problems consist in a list of test-problems, with precisely defined dimensions, constitutive laws of materials, excitations, etc., and each backed by a real laboratory device, on which measurements can be made.

The TEAM 4 problem consists of a rectangular aluminium brick [1] with a rectangular hole placed in a uniform magnetic field. The magnetic field is perpendicular to the faces with the hole, and decays exponentially with time. The main objective of the problem is to calculate the total circulating current in the brick function of time.

[1] A. Kameari, Results for benchmark calculations of problem 4 (the felix brick), COMPEL, Vol 7. Num 1 (1988).