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Numerically, setting up the RSW model consists of a challenging and highly non-linear problem where solid mechanics, thermal and EM quantities interact with each other. Two options are available to the user. Either the full 3D model can be set up (usually only a slice is used) or the 2D axisymmetric solver can be used for a faster solve. The following examples offer an example of a realistic configuration with reasonable material properties and realistic geometry and dimensions but which don't correspond to a specific case. The 2D examples include MORTAR contact for solid mechanics which is not yet supported in MPP.

3D axisymmetric case : 3Daxi

2D axisymmetric equivalent case : 2Daxi

And for the sake of input deck comparison, the following cases are also provided :

3D planar case : 3Dplanar

2D planar case : 2Dplanar