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This famous benchmark problem consists of a spherical bubble placed in a liquid. Gravity, hydrostatic force and surface tension act on it and its lower density compared to the surrounding medium causes it to rise. Two sets of parameters are studied (Test 1 and Test 2) and the objective of this benchmark is to evaluate the different numerical algorithms by studying quantities likes center of mass evolution and circularity. The results shown in the video has been achieved thanks to some developments introduced in LS-DYNA R15. The levelset advection uses a semi Lagrangian approach. The levelset re-initialization uses a closest Point algorithm and the Laplace-Beltrami approach is used to handle the surface tension effects at the interface between the two fluids.

Reference : S. Hysing, S. Turek, D. Kuzmin, N. Parolini, E. Burman, S. Ganesan, and L.Tobiska. Quantitative benchmark computations of two-dimensional bubble dynamics. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, 60(11):1259–1288, 2009.